Hey there, I'm Sanjaya!

Tell us something about yourself.

I am from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The first time I got in contact with computers was when I was in the 7th or 8th grade. The first computer I ever touched didn’t even have Windows or a hard drive. Following these early computer courses I took some basic programming classes. Back in those days, we had a time lapse in technology. Nepal was ten years behind Europe. Nowadays because of the Internet, everything has sped up a little bit.  

Your interest in Computer Science was aroused in high school. Did you then decide to go to university?

No, actually I took a break for two years and worked and travelled around my country. I felt like I was not ready yet to go to university. Then I studied for one term in Nepal, but pretty soon I decided to go to Germany and applied at the University of Bremen. Once I got accepted, I started with physics and Computer Science. I wanted to study both together, which was in the end too difficult to handle. So physics became my hobby and Computer Science my major.

Once finished with your Bachelors you applied for the Innovation Center in Potsdam. A simple question: why did you choose SAP?

To be really honest, the first time I heard about the Innovation Center, I didn’t know that it was SAP. A friend of mine went to the SAP Coding Masters in Potsdam, which is a coding challenge for developers. He won a Kindle eReader for his participation, which he wanted to sell (laughing). That was when I talked to him and he told me about the Innovation Center. He was very enthusiastic about it. I decided not to buy the kindle, but instead I looked into the Innovation Center. After finishing with my Bachelors, I applied.

What projects are you involved in at the moment? What are your tasks?

In my team, we are developing a Real Estate cockpit. It is a dashboard that gives you a dynamic overview of the building facilites you have. In the project, we are working in collaboration with several customers to have some high level views on already-existing real estate modules from SAP. We are doing this using HTML5 and JavaScript to create mobile-friendly modern user interfaces as well as SAP HANA-optimized background calculations.

How deeply are you involved into the actual development of the solution?

In the beginning, every member of the team was able to add his or her opinion during the process of the first developments. Today—as we are in an advanced stage—we are in close contact with the customers. They give us their feedback, which is then directly implemented in our process of development.

Are your personal interests reflected in your work?

They are actually among the same periphery. Hence I can say that my tasks at work align with my personal interests. What I like even more is the fact that you are not doing exactly the same things as you did back at university. What I am doing is completely different and may alternate from time to time.

What makes the Innovation Center different from other places you have worked at?

The Innovation Center is very unique for having a quite flat organization as well as a fluid working structure. Culture wise it is a pretty open company. I am independent in what I am doing and there is a lot of flexibility within our team. My colleagues are converging from a variety of different fields and experiences, and it is very interesting to have everyone bringing in different perspectives on any topic. It‘s exactly what you need!