Meet the Team

Meet some of the creative people behind the job at the Innovation Center Network, learn about their backgrounds and what drives them.

Hi, I'm Raja!

My name is Raja and I’m a User Experience Designer in the Finance team at the Innovation Center in Potsdam. One thing I love about my working place is the building - it’s so great that you have so many areas for so many ways of working. I really like that you can always find a place that suits your way of working at that moment. When I come here, everybody’s friendly, everybody’s open-minded, and everybody seems to be quite happy. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, and I feel very at home here.

Hi, I'm Daniel!

I am very fortunate to work with a very diverse and talented team here in the Innovation Center in Singapore. I am leading the core research team which is consisting of nine researchers including myself. What makes our team unique is the great mix of talented young people who are determined to create impact through SAP. The Innovation Center in Singapore is a unique location with pretty much all the right ingredients in place: Singapore is one of the world's major commercial hubs, an international financial center, and a global transport and logistics hub.


Hello, I’m Raphael!

I applied for the PhD Program because SAP was the perfect place to get the chance to work with a top university and an industry leader at the same time. Today, as a PhD-Student in the Future of Work Research team, I work in close cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My research domain is designing intelligent enterprise systems for better work experiences of employees. I especially like that my team is a melting pot of ideas where the border between research and product development blur. It's a place where people can explore new ideas, investigate them intensely and then build disruptive solutions that should delight customers all over the world. 

Hello, I'm Ulrich!

Based in Walldorf, the headquarters of SAP, I’m working as an architect for the product SAP Innovation Management. We prove that iterating closely with co-innovation partners from the first drafts to a final product leads to success. The special part about our team is the fact that we combine both the knowledge and the experience to build and launch a product in one single unit. In an atmosphere of trust, we can work quite autonomously, doing what needs to be done for a successful product.

Hey there, I'm Sanjaya!

In my team at the Innovation Center in Potsdam, we are developing a solution for Real Estate Management. The Innovation Center is unique for having a quite flat organization as well as a fluid working structure. Culture wise it is a pretty open company. I am independent in what I am doing and there is a lot of flexibility within our team. My colleagues are converging from a variety of different fields and experiences, and it is very interesting to have everyone bringing in different perspectives on any topic. It is exactly what you need!

Hi, I'm Artiona!

Born in Albania and studied in Germany, Italy and France - I’m a Software Engineer by education with deep interest in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptoeconomics. At the Blockchain team we develop Blockchain-based solutions for SAP customers and partners, drive adoption and break the hype through tangible use-cases.  Additionally, I evaluate new technologies relevant to SAP's Blockchain service offering and evangelize the topic internally and externally. Other things I do is to organize the Hyperledger Berlin Meetup as well as mentor at Techstars. Basically – Blockchain-only stuff! At the moment, I have forgotten about hobbies. All-in Blockchain and loving it!