Meet the Team

Meet some of the creative people behind the job at the Innovation Center Network, learn about their backgrounds and what drives them.

Hello, I'm Raja!

Raja’s unique educational background in both Communications and Computer Science is one of the things that allows her to approach her job as a User Experience Designer from multiple perspectives. This allows her to collaborate with her teams and customers in the most effective ways possible.

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Hi, I’m Daniel!

Daniel is of half Singaporean, half German descent. Inspired by his mother, who has been working as a software engineer, Daniel started experimenting with coding languages as a teenager. Today, he does research in machine learning and natural language processing while successfully leading his team in several Smart Cities projects in Singapore.


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Hello, I'm Ulrich

Ulrich—who works as an architect for our SAP Innovation Management solution—is always curious about learning something new. Having worked for SAP for quite some time, Ulrich brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the team.

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Hey there, I'm Sanjaya

Sanjaya originally comes from Nepal. Already at a young age, he got interested in computer science. After graduating he decided to work in a job that spreads the same ongoing vigor of his first hand experience excitement back then.

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