Simplicity for Building Cloud Foundry Apps and Services


The Innovation Center Network is developing a cloud application development kit based on the advanced programming language Scala, which enables developers to efficiently create concise code. With that, programming applications and services for the SAP Cloud Platform becomes simple and straight-forward. The kit offers combinable components that reduce complexity and boilerplate code. Thus, it leads to concise code that facilitates maintainability and leads to shorter development cycles in agile software development projects.

The solution is an answer to the following problem: To create accurate and robust code, developers need a certain experience and must interact with various technologies and systems. Additionally, it is necessary to stick to the SAP Fiori design guidelines to create a uniform look and feel throughout SAP applications. Thanks to the software development kit, developing applications and services for the cloud will become less tedious.

How do we achieve this?


1.    Foster integration & interoperability

Integration with SAP products and aligned technologies as it offers simplified access and usage of data sources such as SAP HANA, OData and CDS. Fiori-confirm UIs are easily generated via the usage of the UI5 Wrapper within Scala. Since both frontend and backend are written in Scala, it further uniforms the codebase and ensures interoperability.

2.    Minimizes boilerplate code and utilizes metadata

By offering frequently needed functionalities for Apps and Services as composable building blocks that are enriched with convenient default configurations as well as metadata support where applicable. This abstracts a lot of the tedious boilerplate code, which is further reduced by Scala’s conciseness, leading to maintainable and comprehensive source code.

3.    Functional approach

The software development kit is based on the functional programming language Scala. Functional (reactive) programming helps to avoid redundant states and the complexity attached to them. This concept is also translated to building user interfaces where it helps to abstract from the error prone event handling logic.

All in all, the cloud application development kit for Scala lowers the complexity for the App developer. It allows him to focus on the business domain and to effortlessly integrate within the SAP cloud ecosystem.