The Knowledge Workspace for the Digital Enterprise

Dealing with unforeseen incidents like demand deviation or shortage of supply on short notice is critical to a company’s success. Professionals across the globe are facing these kind of challenges every day. A car manufacturer, for instance, has to deal with up to 300,000 incidents a year – manually. In order to solve an issue (e.g. a disruption in the supply chain) as fast as possible, it is crucial to instantly bring together the right information and the right people to analyze and discuss the situation and to keep the financial impact at a minimum.

The financial, operational, and external data needed for the analysis, however, are often located in separated systems. Plus, the data is hardwired to specific processes and locked into predefined, rigid transactions, which complicate a dynamic solution finding.

Bringing the right people in also often means involving experts of different departments as well as affected external parties. Additionally, it is difficult for organizations to learn from critical situations since the information of how issues got solved is usually not reflected in enterprise systems but scattered across emails, calls, post-its, notepads, or spreadsheets of individuals.

The Knowledge Workspace - Focus on the real job to be done

Together with various co-innovation partners, we are developing an application that allows to dynamically work with information across all SAP and non-SAP applications. Using data interfaces, shared workspaces, collaboration tools and ticketing systems, the Knowledge Workspace combines features of all of these tools in the leanest possible manner. Real scenarios can be saved, retrieved and adjusted to new emerging incidents to create best practices. The Knowledge Workspace brings right data and the right people together and equips people in charge with an interactive, collaborative tool for analysis and decision-making.

The Knowledge Workspace at a glance

- Free the data: Breaking data silos by providing access to business data across all system boundaries via one central interface

- Choose the tools you need: Providing tools to interact with business data on an open canvas, for instance, lists, tables, charts, and maps – conveniently accessible through a dedicated store

- Collaborate in one system: Enabling true live collaboration and decision making by sharing workspaces, notes, to-dos, polls, decisions, and actions in one system

- Get the job done your way: Combining data and tools with a free interaction paradigm (drag-and-drop interaction on an infinite canvas) that allows users to define their own routines on how to interact with data and process activities


The Knowledge Workspace provides an open environment and helps to navigate thoughtfully through the various stages of incident management by facilitating ad-hoc evaluations, comparisons, and promoting expedient discussions to solve the specific incident. Ultimately, the tool allows professionals to make better decisions in real time and focus on the real job to be done, instead of administrating same routines. Chapeau - quality time at work!


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The Knowledge Workspace Demo in Hasso Plattner's Keynote at SAPPHIRE 2016