Manage the Unexpected

SAP Knowledge Workspace Is Now Available for Early Adoption


“The first requirement in tackling knowledge work is to find out what the task is.”

- Peter Drucker: Knowledge Worker Productivity: The Biggest Challenge, California Management Review

Have you ever woken up to find a supplier’s production line was down? Did your market share drop in a key region? Were you worried that product complaints would spread on social media? If so, SAP Knowledge Workspace can help you solve the problem.


Responding quickly to unforeseen incidents, averting a crisis in the process, is critical to your company’s success. Bringing together the right information and the right people allows you to investigate, discuss, and resolve situations efficiently.

However, the financial, operational, and external data you need is often spread across systems and locked into predefined, rigid transactions. This can slow down your response time, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

SAP Knowledge Workspace, an open application that brings together real-life data from both SAP and non-SAP systems, is the solution. It provides a central, collaborative workspace for real-time investigation and decision making. This helps you put the relevant data into context and in front of key stakeholders, helping your company make great decisions.


SAP Knowledge Workspace tears down application boundaries and enables experts to efficiently work together. It allows for ad-hoc evaluations, overviews, comparisons, discussions, and decisions with seamless collaboration. This is supported with parallel searches across connected systems, data harmonization between sources, and expandable tools that allow you to visualize and compare in real time regardless of the underlying data model.

With SAP Knowledge Workspace, experts can share their thoughts, expertise, and business content on the fly. Workflows are persisted and real scenarios are saved, retrieved, and adjusted to new emerging incidents, creating an archive of best practice material in the process. 

SAP Knowledge Workspace helps manage the following scenarios:

  • Supply disruption: critical parts are missing and production or delivery are on hold unless a fallback is discovered.
  • Demand spikes: an unforeseen event drastically increases demand at short notice, requiring a quick balancing of available supplies.
  • Market clearance: a defective product must be recalled from the shelves, requiring multi-level coordination and fast response times.
  • Warranty synchronization: multiple warranty claims might point to an underlying problem with the involved part, requiring coordination between several departments. 

SAP Knowledge Workspace is now available for early adoption. We are actively encouraging interested companies to test the public trial

SAP Knowledge Workspace at a Glance


Access to relevant data

... is vital during critical situations, where speed of response can make a difference. SAP Knowledge Workspace retrieves data from backend systems (SAP and non-SAP) via oData exposure. Parallel search of all connected systems saves time and allows the collected data to interact. 


For a quick analysis

... of the root causes it is necessary to display data in relation to each other. This retrieved data is then translated, allowing it to be seamlessly analyzed regardless of its source or formatting standards. 


The use of adaptable tools improve human understanding of the situation and allow for unparalleled flexibility in workflows. These help analyze, visualize, and compare elements and are built independently of their underlying data sources.


Good decisions

... are made when relevant data is put into context and reviewed by all key stakeholders. SAP Knowledge Workspace provides a series of communication, decision, and tasking tools, allowing the workflow to be visible on a shared case board. In all cases the result of the workflow is persisted to help build templates and best practices from prior decisions.


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