Empowering Startups

While keeping focused on the big breakthrough, startups have to handle a myriad of things in parallel: talking to investors for funding, building up a team from scratch, building a unique product, developing the business model and acquiring the first customers, just to name a few.

At SAP we have the technology, the experience, the customers and the network to tackle many of these challenges. Thus, we have set out to support startups on their journey to success by providing them the support they need to grow and become successful.

The SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN) is a strong supporter for startups, serving as an entry point for your startup into the SAP ecosystem. Looking at your specific situation, we provide you with information about the existing engagement options and help you choosing the most relevant ones for your startup. Have a look at our most prominent engagement models:


SAP Startup Focus Program

Big data poses an unprecedented technological challenge to companies of all sizes. The SAP Startup Focus program is designed to support startups around the world who are tackling these challenges and enable their customers to unleash the potential of big data. Startups will be provided with free test and development licenses for our in-memory platform SAP HANA along with personal guidance by SAP HANA experts. In order to assist startups in gaining traction in the market, we will engage in joint marketing activities and customer events, and help startups build a customer pipeline.


SAP Partner Edge Program

For startups who are thinking about extending or integrating into existing SAP products, the SAP Partner Edge Program offers licenses and support for building products as well as product marketing and selling via the SAP Store. Of course it also provides a community for partners to connect, collaborate, and share within the SAP ecosystem.


SAP Business Units

There are many reasons why SAP’s business units are interested in engaging with startups. For example, some are looking for technology providers, others for meaningful supplements to their product portfolio. The Innovation Center Network is supporting these business units by scouting and evaluating startups that fit the given interests and needs in order to facilitate fruitful cooperation and partnerships.     


Venture Capital Network

In recent years the ICN has established close relations to venture capital companies. We will use this network to increase the visibility of startups in need of funding. For instance, Sapphire Ventures, the venture capital arm of SAP has been raising US $ 605 mio. for its growth fund in 2013. Besides Sapphire Ventures our broad network include Hasso Plattner Ventures, Earlybird Capital, Point Nine Capital, High-Tech Gründerfonds and many more. Further, through the startup accelerator InnoWerft, SAP is able to directly invest into your startup.


Learn more

If you are interested to get in contact please reach out to us via email (icn-startups@sap.com) or approach us at one of our upcoming events.