Innovation Center Network Projects

Engineering excellence meets entrepreneurial spirit: Find out more about some of our projects.

Boardroom Redefined

One of the greatest challenges for executives is having an up-to-date, harmonized view of their enterprise. Typically this is due to the complexity that is inherent in large companies. The Boardroom concept transforms executive meetings from one-way presentations based on static media to interactive discussions based on real-time facts. It provides a unique experience where users can literally touch and play with enterprise data. Decisions can be supported with instant analysis of the actual situation, while being able to simulate potential strategies.

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SAP Medical Research Insights

Successful cancer treatment and research require fast and profound decisions based on the patient's medical history. Current hospital IT landscapes consist of a multitude of heterogeneous databases without the ability of integrating relevant information into a holistic, patient-centric view. With SAP Medical Research Insights, we provide an application that will make it easier and more efficient for oncologists to fulfill their information needs.

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The In-Memory Revolution

In this book, Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert explain the next generation of business applications and the theory, technology, and practice behind in-memory databases - the engine on which completely new applications can be based. Numerous real-world examples are presented illustrating the disruptive potential of this technology and the quantum leap it has facilitated in terms of simplicity, flexibility, and speed for new applications. The Innovation Center Network supported this book as the editor-in-chief.

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SAP Real Estate Cockpit

The SAP Real Estate Cockpit is a flexible and intuitive dashboard solution, which leverages the in-memory database SAP HANA in order to enable real estate managers and other users to analyze the efficiency of buildings in real time and in a role-based, easy-to-consume manner. The solution was developed at the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam in co-innovation with customers and the SAP Design and Co-innovation Center, and was released to customers in Q1 2015.

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Smart Cities - How SAP Helps Clear Traffic Jams

Smart Traffic is one of the strategic pillars to reach the global sustainability and carbon footprint targets, and ultimately to lead to high quality of urban life. Together with the city of Nanjing, we intensively explore concepts and technical avenues to successfully meet current and future mobility needs.

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Empowering Startups

The SAP Innovation Center Network is a strong supporter for startups, serving as an entry point for your startup into the SAP ecosystem. Looking at your specific situation, we provide you with information about the existing engagement options and help you choosing the most relevant ones for your startup.

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