Software engineering meets politics: Peter Tauber visits Innovation Center

He is considered one of Germany's most digital politicians: Peter Tauber – CDU General Secretary, passionate Twitter user and quantified-self advocate. The 41-year-old Member of Parliament was known for posting his daily running results to his 65,000 followers. Hardly surprising then that Tauber attaches great importance to the potential of health data.

Our product SAP Medical Research Insights awakened Peter Tauber’s special interest during the tour through the “amazing building” (Peter Tauber) with Jürgen Müller and Jens Krüger, Co-Heads of the Innovation Center Potsdam. The award-winning solution for cancer research leverages the potential that lies hidden in massive amounts of health data. Information about patients is currently stored in heterogeneous databases. Our solution integrates all the information to allow doctors and medical researchers to find profoundly better care options for patients. It’s innovative software that literally impacts people's lives. "We all know: health data is a very sensitive topic, especially in Germany. But using it responsibly could create great opportunities for better treatments”, said Peter Tauber.

His visit continued to our Real Estate Cockpit, a flexible dashboard solution exemplary for the Internet of Things – and the future of sustainable building management. Simplified decisions through intelligently processed data was also at the center of Peter Tauber’s third stop: the Digital Boardroom. The software gives real time insights into all corporate financial data. "It is a visualization and presentation system which allows executives to make better and quicker decisions," said Jürgen Müller. Might we see a solution like this in the headquarters of political parties in the future? We’ll see…

All in all, it was an inspiring visit – on both sides!