Coders – the world needs you!

Across 37 countries and with the support of 89 ambassadors, thousands of volunteers taught young thinkers how they can bring their own ideas to life with code during EU Code Week 2015. 

SAP has been a supporter of this initiative. During our Month of Service in which employees are explicitly encouraged to do voluntary work, various teams across SAP organized more than 90 events and workshops on coding, information technology, and Design Thinking.

Our teams at the Innovation Center Network conducted several workshops in Dresden, Potsdam/Berlin and Walldorf.  Young thinkers got insights how they can easily create their own games with Squeak and Etoys, how to control the virtual world of Minecraft with Python and how basic hardware programming works with Arduino. Moreover, they were able to learn how to develop control software for autonomous robots, which are able to find their way to the exit of a maze with the help of sensors.