The blockchain voyage - from the Bitcoin network to Blockchain-as-a-Service

As part of our activities to understand and assess emerging trends and technologies we’re taking a close look at blockchain. Today, technical topics still exceed potential business use cases by far. Therefore, our goal is to understand if there is any implication on other industries beyond Financial Services.

We're looking at concepts, technology, existing implementations and future ideas in the blockchain space. All to figure out if the technology is a business disruptor, a good technology for specific scenarios or simply overhyped - and not relevant for business. While the jury is still out on most of the decisions we are ready to share some thoughts and contribute to the discussion.

To get your feet wet you might want to read along with Will you recognize innovation when you see it? where we generically link blockchain to SAP. On a more technical and architectural level we followed-up with the transformation of blockchain over time (The blockchain voyage – from the Bitcoin network to Blockchain-as-a-Service). Back to the practicality of blockchain in an enterprise context we outlined Business Opportunities and Caveats of Blockchains (Part 1Part 2). Additionally, we contribute to the recent discussions around the scalability of blockchain with our article on Will the Bitcoin Network Collapse in 2016?