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How Safeguarding Sensitive Data Could Lead to Smarter AI

In order to learn thoroughly, machine learning systems need access to huge volumes of data. But our customer's data is often confidential. How to use sensitive information while maintaining data security and privacy? Homomorphic encryption can be an answer.

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Cirque du Soleil® Explores Augmented Reality, Powered by SAP Innovation Center Network

Innovation has always been a keystone of Cirque du Soleil‘s enduring power to captivate the imagination of spectators. Now, with the help of the SAP Innovation Center Network, they are exploring the use of augmented reality to enhance the audience’s experience.

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Outside the Block: SAP and Partners Present Blockchain Use Cases for a World Undivided

Blockchain has been a strategic topic for SAP for several years as the technology has evolved from a thought leadership topic into solid use cases. Together with customers and partners, SAP hosted the “Outside the Block” enterprise blockchain summit in Berlin to present use cases and discuss what the future has in store for blockchain.

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TechEd Las Vegas 2018: The Innovation Center Network contributes to SAP's latest blockchain announcements 

At TechEd Las Vegas, SAP made headlines with blockchain again. The Innovation Center Network contributes to this effort by offering a new blockchain network extensibility service and support for the blockchain technology Quorum to offer customers easier integration and more flexibility. 

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SAP Has Germany’s Best Innovation Units

Great honor for SAP: Business magazine CAPITAL and strategy consulting firm Infront Consulting & Management were looking for Germany’s best corporate innovation units. Both the SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN) and the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator convinced the jury in their respective category and were named winners – for good reasons.

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Spotlight on SAP Innovation Center Network: Problems, Give Us Problems!

Why is the ICN unique compared to the innovation hubs of other big corporations? Jan Schaffner illustrates why the SAP Innovation Center Network is extraordinarily positioned, explains how we mainstream transformative innovation and why failing is inevitable to be successful.

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Trend Report 2018 - Emerging Technology Trends

Which technologies already have or will have a significant impact on SAP and our customers over the next five to ten years? The SAP Innovation Center Network published its new 2018 Trend Report which covers technologies SAP will deploy next at large scale, like machine learning or blockchain as well as trends further out on the timescale, such as quantum computing or neuromorphic hardware.

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The Man With the Plan for Innovation at SAP: Juergen Mueller

Profession: IT engineer. Occupation: chief innovation officer. Responsibility: creating new growth businesses for SAP by pioneering new markets and disruptive technologies. Aged just 35, Juergen Mueller has already achieved a lot. Who is the person behind this meteoric rise?

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Blockchain for Disaster Relief: Creating Trust Where It Matters Most

Disaster situations call for the absolute transparency, seamless interoperability, and information exchange in real time among helping parties that only a distributed network can provide. Blockchain can quickly and easily spin up an independent system of record that could be key to providing quicker, more effective help for people affected by an emergency.

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Torsten Zube Reveals the Truth Between Extremist Views on Blockchain

Torsten Zube, Head of Blockchain at the SAP Innovation Center Network, sat down to talk about which blockchain use cases will burst forth from the hype to deliver real business value, why people must rethink what’s worked before, and the three essential ingredients to blockchain innovation.

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Purpose: The Search for Meaning in the Digital Age

Tech companies are taking a serious look at their purpose. Purpose is important because companies can create more value for shareholders and society over the long term by acting on a purpose than by pursuing purely financial goals or a narrowly defined self-interest. But how can organizations define, operationalize and measure purpose? The SAP Innovation Center Network is building software solutions that can help.

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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Enables the Intelligent Enterprise

Machine Learning is one of the most-discussed IT topics in recent times. Technological progress daily sees an increase in computing power, better algorithms and big data availability. This strongly encourages the development of applications, where the theoretical framework is actually put into practice.

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Innovation on the Rise at SAP

SAP's vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. A new eBook celebrates SAP’s unrelenting focus on innovation driving us into a bold new future. Have a look and discover the many facets of SAP as an innovation-driven company. 

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Designing the Future of Work

It becomes increasingly important for companies to identify and manage non-monetary assets, such as knowledge, innovativeness, teamwork, and value-oriented conduct. Enterprise software must therefore be able to map not just financial metrics, but also intangible assets. The SAP Innovation Center Network aims at developing the right solutions for these requirements in the new “Future of Work” focus area.

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SAP Coding Masters 2016: A Tough Nut to Crack

The SAP Coding Masters are back! After two successful rounds since 2012, we are happy to invite you to our latest programming challenge this summer! The three-day event from September 22nd to 24th 2016 will give you the opportunity to show off your coding skills and work in a team on a demanding programming challenge about Big Data. SAP developers will be on site to support and coach you and your team.

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Insights into innovation

What drives one of the world’s most innovative software companies? CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber drops by the SAP Innovation Center for a glimpse behind the scenes and to get an update on data-driven cancer research, the digital boardroom and sustainable real estate management.

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The blockchain voyage - from the Bitcoin network to Blockchain-as-a-Service

Recently the term ‘blockchain’ has been getting a lot of attention. It is debated whether it is a novel architecture for business – de-centralized and based on trust. We started to look at the topic closer to assess it in the context of SAP. Here are our thoughts.


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SAP Medical Research Insights Wins Red Dot Award

With the SAP Medical Research Insights solution, a real-time analytics tool for cancer research, we won the sought-after Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015 in the Interface Design category.

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Coders – the world needs you!

During EU Code Week 2015 thousands of volunteers taught young thinkers across Europe how they can bring their own ideas to life with code. We have been a supporter of this initiative and conducted various workshops where participants were able to create their own games with Squeak and Etoys, control the virtual world of Minecraft with Python, or get insights into how basic hardware programming works with Arduino.

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Driving IT Innovation (Literally)

At the International Motor Show (IAA) 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, we showcased new technology, applications and software to run smart cities and drive urban mobility. Through demonstration pods and a stage program, IAA-visitors were able to see how cities use SAP technology to become smarter.

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Winners: The Medical Research Insights Team

We are very honored to have recently been awarded with the “Germany - Land of Ideas” initiative prize for our Medical Research Insights application. Since 2005, the German Federal Government and German business, represented by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), annually highlight activities of people who are innovative and inventive in schools, companies, research institutes, initiatives, and associations.

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Solving Stock Challenges in Real-Time

Having challenges with product shortages and stock at risk? We have developed an application, the Stock Champion App, that integrates both logistic and financial information from S/4HANA in a single application- enabling real-time control of your stock.

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Fireside Chat with the Co-Founder of hybris

In the beginning of June, several startups had the unique opportunity to meet Carsten Thoma. He is one of the co-founders of hybris, a leading omni-channel customer engagement and commerce solutions provider that was acquired by SAP in 2013. Carsten gave very interesting insights into the company’s long road to success.

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We at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 in Orlando

From May 5-7th, we presented our latest projects at SAP’s premier business technology conference: SAPPHIRE. Visitors had the chance to stop by our booth and learn about our development highlights as well as about the new book by Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert: The In-Memory Revolution.

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We're Open: HanaHaus in Palo Alto!

Imagine a café and community workspace whose aim is to foster a vibrant culture of technology innovation. Now, at the University Avenue in Palo Alto, you no longer have to imagine it because that space is finally here and it's called HanaHaus!

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Decoding the Human Body

ProteomicsDB is helping researchers around the world understand the human body better. The aim is to collect the proteomes of the different human cell and tissue types, body fluids, as well as disease cell lines. This information will help researchers to extend their understanding of complex diseases like cancer, dementia, and diabetes.

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