Palo Alto

3475 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304 (United States)

Welcome to the mecca of high technology innovators

The Silicon Valley is widely known as a hotspot for startups, entrepreneurs and of course the largest tech companies of the planet. Palo Alto in the heart of the valley has been a synonym for entrepreneurial spirit and homemade innovation for decades. Our trustful partnership with Stanford University allows us to explore new topics together with academia and tap into a vast pool of bright minds.

In the SAP Innovation Center Silicon Valley, we currently work on Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Neuromorphic Computing and Homomorphic Encryption and investigate their market potential and new business models.

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From San Francisco via 280 South (recommended)

Take the highway 280 South and exit at Page Mill Road. Turn left at the stop sign onto Page Mill Road.

From San Jose International Airport via 280 North

Take the highway 280 North and exit at Page Mill Road. Keep right and merge onto Page Mill Road.

From San Jose International Airport via 101 North

Take the highway 101 North and exit at the Oregon Expressway. Merge onto the Oregon Expressway, which becomes Page Mill Road.

The SAP Innovation Center Network is located in building 7.

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