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„Failure is ok because it brings you further"

Family man, local patriot, soccer enthusiast, Blockchain guru and curious innovator. In January this year, Torsten Zube took over the leadership of the SAP Innovation Center Network from Jan Schaffner. Time to ask: Who is this man working for SAP since more than two decades?

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From Ocean to Table: Tracing Fish With Blockchain

More and more consumers demand to know their food is safe and sustainably sourced. With SAP’s blockchain technology, consumers and customers will be able to easily access the complete origin and history of Bumble Bee Foods’ yellowfin tuna simply by using their smartphones to scan a QR code on the product package.

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How We Work


We combine the agility of a startup with the backbone of a global market leader. We pioneer new markets and disruptive technologies with the goal to develop game-changing solutions.


Engineering excellence meets entrepreneurial spirit: We foster strong teams and develop solutions jointly with customers and partners from business, academia, and the start-up industry, applying Design Thinking and other novel approaches.

Go to Market

We turn creative thinking into innovative solutions with market impact. Following an end-to-end responsibility approach for our projects, we aim to deliver scalable solutions with a short time to market.

What We Do

Blockchain – Establishing Trust in a Network-Driven World

With SAP Leonardo, SAP has announced a digital innovation system that meaningfully integrates next-generation technologies to help our customers redefine their business – including ready-to-use blockchain technology and our SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service.

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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Enables the Intelligent Enterprise

Machine Learning is one of the mostly debated IT topics in recent times. Technological progress daily sees an increase in computing power, better algorithms and big data availability. This strongly encourages the development of applications, where the theoretical framework is actually put into practice.

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SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Companies today are highly focused on providing innovative, customer-driven products at the most competitive prices. Being able to quickly assess costs is hereby key. With SAP Product Lifecycle Costing, companies can now quickly identify cost drivers along the product lifecycle and easily simulate and compare alternatives by using the SAP HANA-based real-time calculation engine.

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"We have a heterogeneous

team here, in this sense it's a

tiny version of Berlin."

Meet the Team


Ulrich works as an architect for our SAP Innovation Management solution and is always curious about learning something new. Having worked for SAP for quite some time, Ulrich brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the team.


Raja’s unique educational background in both Communications and Computer Science is one of the things that allows her to approach her job as a User Experience Designer from multiple perspectives.


Daniel started experimenting with coding languages as a teenager. Today, he does research in machine learning and natural language processing while successfully leading his team in several Smart Cities projects in Singapore.