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Blockchain for Disaster Relief: Creating Trust Where It Matters Most

Disaster situations call for the absolute transparency, seamless interoperability, and information exchange in real time among helping parties that only a distributed network can provide. Blockchain can quickly and easily spin up an independent system of record that could be key to providing quicker, more effective help for people affected by an emergency.

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SAP Expands SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation

SAP expanded the capabilities of its machine learning platform. To help customers and partners address a larger number of use cases, SAP has opened the enterprise-class model training capability of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. It is now possible for customers to tailor services to their business needs by training services on their unique data.

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How We Work


We combine the agility of a startup with the backbone of a global market leader. We pioneer new markets and disruptive technologies with the goal to develop game-changing solutions.


Engineering excellence meets entrepreneurial spirit: We foster strong teams and develop solutions jointly with customers and partners from business, academia, and the start-up industry, applying Design Thinking and other novel approaches.

Go to Market

We turn creative thinking into innovative solutions with market impact. Following an end-to-end responsibility approach for our projects, we aim to deliver scalable solutions with a short time to market.

What We Do

Blockchain – Establishing Trust in a Network-Driven World

With SAP Leonardo, SAP has announced a digital innovation system that meaningfully integrates next-generation technologies to help our customers redefine their business – including ready-to-use blockchain technology and our SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service.

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Meet TrueRec by SAP: Trusted Digital Credentials Powered by Blockchain

As part of its ongoing innovation around blockchain, the SAP Innovation Center Network have introduced TrueRec, a secure and trusted digital wallet for storing professional and academic credentials. TrueRec is powered by blockchain. Nearly every major corporation is eyeing blockchain for prospective use cases and realizing its disruptive potential. But what exactly is blockchain?

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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Enables the Intelligent Enterprise

Machine Learning is one of the mostly debated IT topics in recent times. Technological progress daily sees an increase in computing power, better algorithms and big data availability. This strongly encourages the development of applications, where the theoretical framework is actually put into practice.

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"We have a heterogeneous

team here, in this sense it's a

tiny version of Berlin."

Meet the Team


Ulrich works as an architect for our SAP Innovation Management solution and is always curious about learning something new. Having worked for SAP for quite some time, Ulrich brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the team.


Raja’s unique educational background in both Communications and Computer Science is one of the things that allows her to approach her job as a User Experience Designer from multiple perspectives.


Daniel started experimenting with coding languages as a teenager. Today, he does research in machine learning and natural language processing while successfully leading his team in several Smart Cities projects in Singapore.