Academic Partnership Program

We engage with the academic community to tap into new talent, outside perspectives, and technology trends, with a clear potential impact for SAP solutions and our customers.

How we engage

Academic Fellowships

Research Sponsorship

Research Sponsorship - Examples

Automated Speech Recognition

SAP invests in the analysis of speech data and the exploration of diarization algorithms that meet the requirements of common enterprise use cases.

Self-driving Databases

SAP invests in graduate research to explore concepts for self-optimizing database management systems that bear potential to improve system efficiency and reduce costs.

Wearable Computing​

SAP co-finances research in wearable computing to explore the combination of smart materials and digital technologies.​

Quantum Computing

SAP funds fundamental research in quantum computing to gain understanding of the capabilities and how it could address problems of interest to SAP.

Future User Experience

SAP promotes the exploration of new interaction design pattern and aesthetic paradigms for the visualization of complex data sets in a special environment.

Conversational AI

SAP sponsors work in the field of deep learning for natural language generation to improve text creation of chatbots using generative adversarial networks.


Community Outreach

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