About Us

We combine the best of both worlds: the creativity and agility of a startup with the backbone of a world market leader in business software.

At the SAP Innovation Center Network, we map, build and inspire a future worth living.

In the startup-like environment, we explore and develop meaningful new technologies to fuel transformative growth at SAP. Our vision is to create the SAP beyond tomorrow. 

We are curious and open-minded, passionate and courageous.

We bring together the best experts across continents, disciplines and companies to navigate SAP to tomorrow and beyond. Spread across 8 locations around the globe, the brightest minds are working on a diverse range of projects while following the same approach to innovation. Coming from various cultural and academic backgrounds, our highly skilled teams bring top-notch programming expertise combined with a good deal of out-of-the-box thinking to the table.

We empathize with our customers. 

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to understand the challenges they face and solve them. We push the boundaries by pioneering new markets, disruptive technologies and future business trends. As taught by the Design Thinking methodology, the users of our software are at the heart of everything we do. After all, our task is to come up with solutions that help people better manage challenges in their daily business or private lives.

As creatives, we challenge the status quo.  As developers, we create unconventional solutions. As entrepreneurs, we turn our prototypes into products. 

The spirit of the SAP Innovation Center Network is powered by more than 250 engineers, designers, product experts, and business developers. These interdisciplinary teams take over end-to-end responsibility: from developing unconventional, disruptive ideas over first proof-of-concepts with co-innovation partners to market-ready products.

We are the SAP Innovation Center Network.