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Who we are

Our operating principles

Be audacious

To make an impact, we need to be bold and put the immense talent of this organization to work. Only in this way can we tackle the types of problems at a scale deserving of SAP and its customers.

Take a stand

Delivering products that matter is a function of pursuing a version of the future with conviction. It’s okay to be wrong in the pursuit of transformational opportunity. It is not okay pursuing without conviction.

Embrace our strength

Legacy is a powerful thing and we should identify what makes SAP unique and compete by putting it to work. We need to focus on our strength and go from there.

Transparent projects, not politics

Only if we share, we learn what we can do better and deliver game-changing innovations. We need to work as a team, to take on enormous problems in the world of enterprise software and fix them.

Build fast and iterate

Large companies have a tendency to try to get the perfect product out the door every time. The reality, perfection is a function of the number of attempts and the amount of iterations we take.


How we work

  • Inspire

    Innovation Inspiration Radar

    What is it that excites you?

  • Explore

    I have a hunch.

    What is the problem that has to be solved?

  • Ideate

    This could work.

    What is the solution to the problem?

  • Validate

    Does it really work?

    Is there a problem/solution fit?

  • Incubate

    It does work!

    Build and test minimum viable product and prepare go-to-market.

  • Scale

    Let it fly!

    Define operating model and hand-over to SAP.

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